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I greatly appreciate your help towards my smile make over. May God bless youon your endeavor, helping people in financial needs and getting back our smiles.Thank you Good day to you Lola, I confirmed through this letter, acceptance of of the grant awarded to me. Thank you so much for your help, Sincerely, Dear Awards Department, Please forgive the lateness of this.Dear Cosmetic Dentistry Grants Program I would like to formally than you for being accepted for a Discretionary Cosmetic Dentistry Grant.This grant will help me towards my Invisalign treatment.Having a supervisor approach me about me about this.I have been left in tears as all of this impact on my mental well being, self-esteem, and confidence.My confidence and self-esteem will improve because I will feel better about myself.

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I am now at a point where it can no longer wait because of the pain and discomfort. Donn did an amazing job evaluating me and coming up with a plan to help me. Sincerely, Dear Oral Aesthetic Advocacy Group Thank you!This grant will help me take care of my dental work that I have been putting off.