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12-Dec-2017 10:31

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As to Kristina, this exchange suggests that she found Jane attractive and was interested in him on a personal level.If that were true, then it could be another reason for why she wanted to reassure him of his fears regarding his family’s death.This remains true during the team’s next encounter with Kristina as well…

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As the Jane-Lisbon-Mashburn dynamic has already been discussed in the Red Hot review, it’s only fair to discuss the Kristina-Jane-Lisbon dynamic too .She then calls Jane out on how his real annoyance with the woman stems from the fact that she’s just as good a mentalist as he is, maybe better.Jane admits this somewhat: “Mind you, not better than me, but she is good.Maybe she thought if she told him what she thought he wanted to hear, he’d start to move on.

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On the other hand, she could have been using her sexuality in an attempt to manipulate Jane.He resignedly takes her to one of the interrogation rooms.