Js and hyuna dating

07-Sep-2017 02:46

This is despite the way that Korean pop stars are limited in their real personal expression – their contracts frequently forbid them to date or be involved in any “scandal” and in only rare exceptions can they control the music they perform or the products they endorse.

We, the public, have no idea about Hyuna’s actual personal life.

It’s all well and good to capitalize on your popularity, but you should at least show a desire to constantly improve and develop yourself regardless of what the public is buying right now.” At the time of writing this post, Hyuna is 21 – so about the age that the slew of American musical starlets previously controlled by music labels tend to push on their limits (Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Myley Cyrus, and others).

Hyuna has been very tightly controlled in a similar way as American starlets, but with her sexuality being exploited right at the cusp of the 18-22 age range.

Yet she sticks to drawing in scandals galore instead.

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Even before Gangnam Style, Hyuna was already “the single most-scrutinized girl group member in the whole of K-pop. The phenomenon of “slut-shaming” happens all over pop culture, and is used to place a negative mark on a girl, frequently one who is especially pretty, talented, or stands out in some way.But Taemin is also a withdrawn, tormented soul who has dark fears plaguing him.He is the only student that does not melt into a puddle of goo at the sight of Minho.But Taemin’s fears are dark, painful and difficult for him to forget.

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He will not make it easy for Minho to get to know him or get close to him.Of all of the posts in the gender and sexuality in Kpop series, this one has been the hardest to write.

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