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The consignment was ordered in the name of Father Luciano Augustina, a Roman Catholic priest in Scutari...

Rodney Atkinson, of Free Nations, said recently, 'The Vatican was using Caritas to provide cover for NATO and German arms smuggling to the KLA.

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The Vatican's goal is a single European Catholics superstate" (Issue no. 06.)And the Catholic church have tried everything in their power to move, hide, mislead and in the end reluctantly pay out huge amount of financial compensation to victims of paedophilia, while some of those priests are still working in parishes today! Anthony's Franciscan seminary, Santa Barbara, California, were found to have molested 34 youths between 14-16 from 1964-1987....

He had concealed hundreds of cases of young boys abused by priests in his archdiocese and was forced to resign in 1993 after an investigation into the abuses" ( We then read the following from them, concerning their roaring trade in alcohol: "At one time [1954], the Brothers [that is the Marist fathers] reported, the Reds [Communist China] took eighty cases of wine, liqueurs and champagne to ship by airplane to their embassy at Moscow" (O. 179.) (My father told me when he was a young Catholic his mother asked the priest what he could do to help his hunger pans.

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