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09-Aug-2017 20:41

I went through your program, I wasn't convinced it would work, but decided to try it anyway.

As I went through each of the modules, one by one, followed precisely what youve asked me to, I didn't agree with some of them, but I went ahead anyway.

I couldnt have played it so well without the stuff you shared on the 14 day action plan.

Youve really turned it around for me Simon, thanks! Followed your advice, stood up to her and gave it right to her face when she kept calling me and telling me all the her love problems.

The first week or so, nothing really changed, but one day, as I tried using your JA method, things started to change!

She got pissed, agitated, I was confused but soon realized that she was actually starting to act weird around me, she was jealous! The surprising thing was her best friend just told me that she (the one I liked) confessed that shes starting to develop weird feelings for me!

"Hi who wouldve thought it was even possible I didnt!! This is the first time Im buying your stuff and if its this good, I cant wait to get my hands on your other stuff. Honestly, Id have to say the entire process of getting attraction, re-branding and coming back strong took me almost 2 and the half months, it took a lot of practice, but ever since were together as a COUPLE now, it was soo worth the effort.

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That was how I got to know her, well, the details will probably be 9 pages long but basically I just kept testing the ideas in your program as I was going after her, and right now shes MY GIRL!Women don't suddenly wake up one day, make a logical, conscious decision and say Youve seen it before, guys who barely have enough money to get by in life, looking no different than the average guy on the street but for whatever reason, they just know exactly what to say and do to turn a woman on.