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One thing worried him though, they have yet to have the first kiss, or tell each other that they love each other. The door bell rang and Yugi shouted "its open Yami."The front door opened and closed and Yami walked into the kitchen."That's dangerous what if it wasn't me." Yami joked and he hugged Yugi."I knew it was you so I had no fear." Yugi hugged him back and turned back to the dinner."What you making for dinner?He pushed his tongue against Yugi's trying to get him to play.

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Yugi pulled the computer over and checked out the questions. What's your ideal date."YSM_King Of Games- "Dinner and movie at home. " Yugi asked walking towards him."So your Yugi Moto, I think I understand now why you hate public places now." Yami said as Yugi reached him. Yugi smiled "Would your last name happen to be Sennen? Normally people only know Atemu sense he is the CEO."Yugi nodded "That maybe but my brother happens to be dating your brother."Yami took in Yugi's appearance "No wonder you look so much like Heba."Yugi giggled "Ya, I'm shocked that they have been dating for 3 years but I have never met you.""Well for 3 years you have been pretty busy.

"Yugi: "Because she has no life."Inu: Gasps "Yugi, Why would you say such a thing…. Which is the one job in the world that you would love to do? Yugi is a calm person and he hates violence because when he was younger he got beat up a lot. He is tan skinned and has the same hair style as Yugi and Heba.

Even if it maybe true."Yugi: Shakes head "Moving on."Summary: Yugi is a lonely college student. When the two join a dating sight and meet can love spark between them? *I'm currently in collage to be an archeologist.*17. Heba is angered rather easily, and because he had to defend Yugi from the bullies, he uses violence but only when necessary. They get mistaken as twins a lot but Atemu is taller than Heba."Hey guys!

He stared at them and almost died "Joey there are 20 freaking questions! "Joey laughed "Better get started you can probably get 8 done before you go to Ancient Artifacts 101."Yugi sighed and got started.1. You know winning all those tournament and all."Yugi shrugged "Valid point."Yami tilted his head "Shale we go inside? After getting set at a table they began to talk about all sorts of things.

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Heba Moto, Yugi's twin brother the boys are virtually Identical but Heba has Egyptian looks he got from the boy's mother, and Yugi has Japanese looks he got from his father.

He nibbled on Yugi's bottom lip asking for entrance.