C maskedtextbox validating

06-Jan-2018 22:27

Si le Flatstyle a la valeur 'System' l'image n'apparat pas.En VB 2008, l'image est charge dans les ressources. La proprit Back Ground Image permet de mettre une image de fond.Align Image permet de positionner l'image sur le bouton.On peut aussi puiser une image dans une Image List grce la proprit Image List et Image Index, on peut ainsi changer d'image.This example requires that a Text Box and Error Provider control have been created on a form.This mask can demand that the user enter eight digits, but cannot verify that the user enters month, date, and year values in the correct range; "12/20/2003" and "70/90/0000" are equally valid as far as the mask is concerned.

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I'm not sure what your trying to do but I think you want the info to load if you have a date. in the if statement which would make the if statement mean, if there is text in textbox then run code.

Name est utilis pour lui donner un nom explicite (Bouton Ok Bouton Cancel) Flat Style donne un aspect au bouton (Flat, standard, System, pop Up).