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Holding on to an old version of your data is expensive in terms of memory and disk space, and the cost increases with the number of versions between the one being retained and the latest.This is why it is important to close the Realm instance as soon as you are done with it in the thread.See here for more details on how to run the examples.The intro Example contains simple examples of how you use the Realm API.The grid View Example is a trivial app that shows how to use Realm as the backing store for a Grid View.It also shows how you could populate the database with JSON using GSON plus how to use ABI splits to minimize the size of the final APK.Stetho-Realm is not officially maintained by Realm.Take a look at our examples to see Realm used in practice in an app.

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But sometimes, the types aren’t available until runtime, e.g., during migrations, or when working with string-based data like CSV files. A Dynamic Realm is a variant of the conventional subclasses.

The rx Java Examples shows how Realm works together with Rx Java.

The unit Test Example shows how you can write unit tests when working with Realm.

Realm Studio is our premiere developer tool, built so you can easily manage the Realm Database and Realm Platform.

With Realm Studio, you can open and edit local and synced Realms, and administer any Realm Object Server instance. You can use the standalone Realm Browser Mac application to read and edit Generate demo database. You can also use the Stetho-Realm plugin for Stetho, an Android debug bridge for the Chrome browser created by Facebook.This means that you don’t need to add any Realm specific rules to your Pro Guard configuration.