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Just before this started I was shooting cum on my chest and package. I feel the orgasm and those feel just as they always did. im really scared something is wrong with me and far too embarassed to ask my parents to go see my doctor (i will based off of your response) and i would really really appreciate it of someone could help me out. Posted by lsuplex city on 06/11/2015 at when i masturbate my sperm comes in 10 secounds. Posted by Shahrukh on 01/11/2015 at i ejaculate fast than usually and when a girl is naked i cum fast in 1 min how can i stop that.. Posted by clayton on 28/10/2015 at what do i have with fast ejaculating with my self i ejaculate fast than usually and when a girl is naked i cum fast in 1 min how can i stop that..

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I also experienced slight pain during the morning in the area underneath my tummy. Posted by Optional on 13/04/2015 at Noting to say about my penis. It is bent, small and thinner, extra foreskin which pains a lot. Posted by Optionally on 31/01/2015 at What does it mean when for a few days you couldn't come. Posted by Vasan on 26/01/2015 at When I am masturbating or having sex with my wife the sperm comes out of the penis but I cannot feel even 1% of sex on my penis.

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I discovered an unexpected and rather unprecedented problem.

Please help me Posted by Optional on 23/04/2016 at Why when I have sex I cannot ejaculate but when I masterbate I can . Then I went to the bathroom I noticed that my leaked seaman was pink.i am very worried that this may be something very serious wrong. When you're getting close, pull out and wait, squeeze, hit, do whatever to calm the little fella down. Posted by Optional on 18/07/2015 at is it normal to feel the semen rising up and going through your penis before it squirts out?

Posted by It gets better with practice on 24/02/2016 at To everyone saying they only last a minute etc. While you're out think about her, play with her, please her. Posted by 2nice on 10/07/2015 at I have sex with a lady in my dream and discharge when i wakup i saw myself wet with sperm in reality.

Posted by Michael on 02/07/2015 at When I ejaculate, I have a sharp pain in my anus Posted by Emmanuel on 02/07/2015 at Pls help me after ejaculation the sperm will nt come out what should i do Posted by Optional on 25/06/2015 at Is ejuculation allowed during ramadan?